This Trick Makes Winning Online Competition Prizes Easy

More people than ever before are winning big prizes in online competitions, and more millions are set to be won in 2021 than at any other time in history. These big winnings are attributed to the large number of online competitions, and how easy it has become to sign up and collect winnings online.

In the past players had to fill out documents, return bank statements and wait months before being able to collect online winnings. Now players only need to complete a simple registration form before playing, and collecting winnings is quick and easy and deposits are usually completed on the same day.

Another big contributing factor is that there are regular online competition draws that are held every day of the week. Play any of our online competition offers and collect your winnings directly after the draw has taken place and the results have been confirmed.

All our online competition prizes can be paid out into your local bank account. If you have matched enough lucky numbers to win a prize, you will receive an email notifying you of your win, and you may then request that your winnings be deposited into your bank account. That’s why collecting your online winnings has never been easier!

Why more people are collecting online competition winnings

Playing online competitions are a great way to win prizes valued well into the multi-millions. Enter into big online competitions to win massive prizes by entering into any of our exciting online competition offers.

The prizes in our online competition offers can range from small prizes or free tickets, right up to multi-million dollar jackpot prizes. Your prize value will be determined by how many lucky numbers you match in the draw.

Below are some of the reasons why more people are collecting more online competition winnings.

More online competitions than ever before. As the internet becomes more accessible to people around the world, more people are interested in playing online competitions that don’t require them to buy physical tickets. Estimates have shown that the number of online competitions has doubled in the last three years.

More people are collecting real cash prizes. With more people playing than ever before, more cash prizes are being paid out to players across the world. It is estimated that between 2018-2021 there was more than $10 billion paid out in online competitions winnings to lucky players. Play FreeLottoFest online competitions now and you could be collecting real cash prizes today!

Quick and easy registration process. In the past, you needed to supply ID documents before you could collect any online winnings, but nowadays the process is much simpler. All you need to do is complete the registration form by providing your name, surname, email address and contact number. After that, you’re ready to start winning in online competitions!

Competition portals that bring you the best offers. Players don’t need to search the internet for online competitions anymore, there are online competition portals that curate the top online competitions in their region. FreeLottoFest has selected four of the internet’s top online competition offers that all payout real, big cash prizes to players.

Variety of competitions. When you decide to play online competitions you’ll be spoilt for choice. In previous years, you only had a few competitions to choose from, but nowadays there are thousands to choose from with different prize payouts, winning odds and price to play. At FreeLottoFest there is a selection of online competitions, each one is different suited to the particular player.

Biggest Online Competition Prizes Ever Won

Online competition and real money competitions are responsible for billions in winnings that have been paid out in the past 20 years or so. When you play online competitions today you can get in the running to win prizes from big games from the United States, Europe and Australia. You’ll be able to enter into these games through the FreeLottoFest online competition offers.

And yes, the prizes on the line at FreeLottoFest are matched to those of the actual official competition games. Sign up and play at FreeLottoFest and collect the biggest winnings from the world’s favourite online games.

Some Of The Biggest Online Competitions And "Normal" Competition Wins In History

January 2016 - $1.58 Billion. This amazing prize was won and split between three couples in early 2016. This prize was also made available to play online, but this prize was claimed by physical ticket holders.

October 2018 - $1.53 Billion. This winner claimed the largest ever competition prize to be won by a single player. The winner of this prize has chosen to stay anonymous, but we do know that after claiming the prize they purchased a multi-million dollar mansion and donated to various local charities.

July 2016 - $687 Million. Two winners split this amazing competition prize after both picking the same lucky numbers. Even though both players claimed multi-million dollar prizes, they both say they will keep playing online competitions and hope that luck stays on their side.

December 2013 - $648 Million. This winner claimed a multi-million dollar prize after using a combination of birthdays and personal lucky numbers to win. Even after claiming this amazing prize, the winner has no plays on quitting online competitions saying, " I will continue playing my numbers until this train runs out!"

November 2012 - $587 Million. A couple won this amazing competition prize and then went on to pay for college fees for their grandchildren, nieces and four nephews. The couple still plays online competitions to this day hoping to win another multi-million dollar payout.

FreeLottoFest has been helping to pay out online competition prizes to players around the world for years. And now you can play for these life-changing prizes today after only a few easy steps. Just choose which competition offer you’d like to play, complete the registration form, pick your lucky numbers and wait for the winnings and prizes to start rolling in!

Best Small And Big Prizes To Win Online

With FreeLottoFest online competition offers you stand a chance at winning prizes from big, life-changing jackpots to smaller, easier to win prizes. The value of your prize is determined by which play style you choose, single ticket or syndicate, and how many lucky numbers you match.

The biggest prizes at FreeLottoFest are some of the biggest of any online competitions you can currently play. These include multi-million or even billion dollar jackpots from well-known games like the USA Powerball and Mega Millions. These are the jackpot prizes, and players must match all the lucky numbers to win these prizes. They have higher odds of winning, but rest assured that if you win one you will never need to worry about money ever again! If you miss a number or two you can still win the big tier two and tier three prizes.

The smaller prizes paid out through the FreeLottoFest competition offers can range from a few dollars to free plays in upcoming draws. The value of these small prizes also depends on if you play single entries or with a syndicate. When you play in a competition syndicate all of the prizes and costs are split between you and the other syndicate members. Syndicate competition prizes are easier to win than if you played single competition entries.

How FreeLottoFest Has Made Winning Online Competitions Quick And Easy

So how does FreeLottoFest not only have the biggest online competition prizes in the world but also make winning so easy? The team has done all the legwork to make playing, winning and claiming online prizes so easy that anyone can start winning now.

One of the ways that FreeLottoFest is making winning easy is through next-generation technology to generate numbers with the best odds of being drawn. The technology utilises past draw data to detect patterns and suggest number pics that have the very best chance of being drawn. FreeLottoFest uses the exclusive SUPA-QP technology to choose lucky numbers that are statistically more likely to appear in upcoming draws.

The SUPA-QP number picking program analyses thousands of past winning number combinations and recognize patterns and missed opportunities to assess which numbers are most likely to come up in the next draw. To date there have been thousands of players who have used the SUPA-QP number technology to produce their winning numbers, making the process much easier than choosing your own lucky numbers.

Everyone who signs up to play online competitions at FreeLottoFest will have instant access to the SUPA-QP technology.

Another way that FreeLottoFest is making playing and winning easier is by providing new players with the option of four leading online competition offers to choose from. Each competition has different prize payouts, winning odds and price to play; making picking the road to millionaire status easy and quick. Take a look at the four competition offers and see how easy it is to become a winner today!

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