How To Play And Win Online Competitions In 2021


All of the internet’s top online competitions are ready for you to play and win big prizes. In 2021 the selection of online competition games is bigger than ever before, with prizes reaching into the multi-millions every draw.

New players will get to pick from four of the world’s top online competitions. All of the available online competitions have been updated to include any rule changes or prize structure changes that have been implemented in 2021. When you play any of the online competitions at FreeLottoFest you can be certain that you’re getting the latest in international games and prizes and with loads of bonuses and incentives for all new players.

The chance to win big money prizes in 2021 has never been easier. All it takes is a few steps and you’ll be able to get into the running for this year’s biggest cash prizes from the best online competition games. Play online and win prizes all from the comfort of your couch.

This trick will makes winning online competition prizes easiy

Follow These Steps To Play Online Competitions In 2021

Step 1. Register your free player account. Before you can start winning you need to sign up for your free player account. All FreeLottoFest winners must complete the signup form which must include a valid email address, name and surname and contact number.

Step 2. Pick your online competition game. We’ve introduced four different online competition games in 2021, and new players can pick which game they’d like to play. Every game has different payout structures, winning odds and ticket price. N.B: We’ve introduced a new variety of online competitions for 2021, with bigger prizes than ever before!

Step 3. Pick your lucky numbers. Want to win the FreeLottoFest online competitions? You’ll need to match all the lucky numbers and bonus numbers to walk away with the jackpot. Aside from the jackpot, players also stand a chance at winning big tier two and tier three prizes. Winning players will receive an email notifying them of their winnings, and all payouts will automatically be deposited into their online accounts.

Step 4. Keep playing! The road to winning in online competitions can be a long one, and you probably won’t win playing for the first time. Most big online competition winners had been playing for years before they collected their big payday. Remember; we’ve included a variety of new online competitions in 2021, so keep playing and good luck!

How To Win Online Competitions In 2021

If you’re looking to claim multi-million jackpots in 2021 you’ll want to do everything in your power to get the best winning chances. Below are a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to get the best winning odds for online competitions in 2021.

Don’t use calendar dates. Winning online competitions in 2021 is all about having the right lucky numbers, so make sure you use the entire number pool. Because calendar dates only go up to 31, and most of the online competitions have a number pool up to 60, using calendar dates will effectively lower your odds of winning.

Play in a lottery syndicate for the best winning odds. A lottery syndicate lets you combine your resources with other players to play more tickets than what you could play by yourself. Lottery syndicates let you share the costs and split the winnings. At the start of 2021, we’ve decided to include multiple lottery syndicates in the online competition game selection at FreeLottoFest.

Don’t use number patterns. Studies have repeatedly shown that jackpot winning numbers are usually made up of an even spread of the entire number pool. Many players use number patterns such as all odd numbers, all even numbers and other such number patterns. To get the best possible chances based on past winning numbers always have an even spread of all the numbers from the number pool.

Play more shares or buy more tickets. It probably goes without saying; but the more tickets you play, the better your chances are of winning a prize. It’s always better to play as many tickets or shares as what you can in a single draw rather than spreading them over multiple competition draws.

Avoid past winning number combinations. Many players think that there is power in past number combinations, but research shows that when it comes to winning jackpots lightning very rarely strikes in the same place twice. When picking numbers for any online competition it is always better to stick with your own lucky numbers rather than playing past winning numbers.

Do your research. Not all online competitions are created equal, and it pays, in the end, to play with reputable online competition companies. As of 2021, FreeLottoFest has researched over 1,000 different online competitions and has found the best four that offer the biggest prizes with the best winning odds!

Study winning number statistics. If you’ve got the time and inclination to put your head down and do some studying, then you might want to study past winning numbers. Past competition-winning numbers may reveal patterns that could be useful and may give you better odds of winning a prize.

What’s new for online competitions in 2021?

Since launching some years ago FreeLottoFest has done a lot to improve our online competitions for 2021. Every year more and more online competitions are launched, meaning that competition companies need to offer players new and exciting reasons to choose them over their competitors.

The four online competition offers at FreeLottoFest have been updated in 2021, giving our players a choice of the latest and greatest online competitions in the world.

Below are some of the changes we’ve made to the online competitions in 2021.

Bigger jackpots and payouts. We’ve listened to our players and their message was clear: ‘We want bigger jackpots and payouts in 2021.” We’ve offered online competitions that include those responsible for record-breaking billion-dollar jackpots. You simply won’t find richer online competitions in 2021.

Loads of free bonuses. It’s not just the online competitions themselves that attract players, it’s also the free bonuses and other incentives that set one competition apart from others. When you register to play at FreeLottoFest you’ll also be able to claim all our 2021 free bonuses which include a free ebook and access to your own lottery odds expert.

Better winning odds than ever before. The number one complaint players have about online competitions is that they never win. FreeLottoFest competition games give the best winning odds of any other online games, with some offering as good odds as 1-in-7 of winning a prize. You just won’t find better winning odds in 2021.

Share the cost of playing with syndicates. When you play online competitions by joining a syndicate you will share the cost of playing, meaning you can play more competition entries than you could by yourself. Players at FreeLottoFest can choose to play a variety of online competition games with syndicate play.

How Can You Find The Best Online Competitions In 2021

Most players simply search online for online competitions and pick the one at the top of the search results and start playing. Is that the best way to search for online competitions? Being at the top of the search results is only one indicator of legitimate online competition, but in 2021 there are plenty of other behind-the-scenes factors that may make an online competition worthy of playing.

FreeLottoFest has researched so you don’t have to! That’s what makes FreeLottoFest so great, our team has scoured the internet and rubbed shoulders with industry insiders to bring our players the best online competitions with the biggest prizes.

At the beginning of 2021, FreeLottoFest introduced four new exciting online competitions to choose from; each game offers a different game, with each one being a little different.

One online competition has better winning odds but may have smaller payouts. While another could have a billion-dollar jackpot, but lower odds of winning. It’s all about how you choose to play!

Take a look at the online competitions at FreeLottoFest to see what each offers you so that you can find the best online competition to play in 2021.

In summary, you’ll have plenty of choices in 2021 when it comes to playing online competitions, make sure you pick the right one. In 2021 we’re giving you the chance to play for bigger payouts and jackpots, get much better winning odds and claim loads of free bonuses when you choose FreeLottoFest.

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