How We Pay

It's a question often asked of us at, and it's one we're never tired of answering. "So if it's a free lotto, how exactly does it work? How do you pay your competition prizes? IS IT REAL?

We don't blame our members for wanting to find out how a free online lotto works. That's because we know the idea of an absolutely, completely 100% FREE competition with millions in daily prizes seems too good to be true. However, we're delighted to say that thanks to the genius of Harry Dazz and his innovative prize structure, our free online lotto is not only real, but really really rewarding as well!

Take a look at how our free lotto generates jackpot winnings for you, and make your play for massive prizes today with

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1. WinFest Subscriptions

Haven't heard of WinFest subscriptions yet? Then it's time you did, along with hundreds of thousands of other players from around the globe! Sign up for our premium automated package and instead of having to login manually and enter each and every competition competition every single day, we'll automatically enter them for you! Not only that, you'll also be eligible for a host of other exclusive benefits too, such as automatic results checking, prize claiming, and so much more! Get the inside track on WinFest subscriptions and sign up for your own membership today. Click here to join now!

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2. Advertising Revenue

See those banner ads on our site? No, we don't like them either however they also bring in revenue that allows us to increase the size of our huge competition prizes, so look at them as a welcome addition to your playing experience! Want to partner with FreeLottoFest? Advertise with us today

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3. Survey Revenue

It might not be advertising but it still pays the bills - and could end up paying your bills when you win a large competition prize! We're talking about surveys, of course, some of which you might have already been asked to take part in when visiting the FreeLottoFest website. The third parties that conduct these surveys pay FreeLottoFest for the right to do so - and of course, we channel every cent right back into our competition prizes.

As you can see, there's plenty of money coming in for us to pay out millions in FREE competition prizes and then some. So don't worry and don't fear - our online lotto competition games are completely real, and completely worth playing every single day! Which is why you need to stop reading about how we pay out and experience it for yourself by playing our free lotto games online today!


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