Online Competitions And Lotto FAQs

How are the winning numbers chosen?

All of the offers available via FreeLottoFest are the same as the official lottery games, and the lucky numbers are drawn in their respective countries.

Is there a difference between FreeLottoFest and other online lottery websites?

The difference between FreeLottoFest and our competitors is that through extensive research we can secure the biggest ticket discounts, and then pass the discounts onto our players. New players also get the chance to claim free perks from our approved agents that other lottery ticketing agents only provide to players after years of playing.

Am I allowed to play competition style lottery games?

We're pleased to say yes! The FreeLottoFest lottery offer portal lets you play competition and lottery games from the comfort of your own home.

How do you secure the ticket discounts?

Harry has years of lottery experience under his belt, and knows exactly where the best lottery offers on the internet can be found. We then pass these offers onto the players, making sure they always pay the cheapest prices and get the best bonuses when playing the lottery online.

Can I claim free lottery deals after signing up?

Yes, this is one of the things that sets FreeLottoFest apart from other lottery offer portals. From day one you will have access to free bonuses and ticket discounts.

What is included in the free sign-up bonuses?

Every offer is different... 

The following discounts, free competition and online lotto bonuses being offered by the big online agents.

     - Up to 70% discount on original ticket prices
     - 1 in 7.3% odds of winning a prize
     - Free tickets
     - Free ebooks
     - Free memberships to VIP programs (get access to lotto odds experts)
     - 100% first time deposit match
     - Some offers even give a no-win moneyback guarantee

Every offer is different and in the future there may even be some additional and different online competition and lotto bonuses offered.

Whatever the bonus the bottom line at FreelottoFest is that all of these bonuses are in place to give you better winning odds and bigger payouts.

How are my winnings paid out?

Winnings are paid out by the lottery ticketing agent on whos platform the offer was accepted. At the time of accepting the offer you will register an account with them and the details you enter will be used to contact you on winning. Prizes will be deposited into your accounts dashboard where you can by more lotto tickets or cash out, as you wish.

Are you a legal competitions company?

Yes we are - and proud to be too! We've been in the online lottery for over 10 years now, and have operated many online competition platforms and similar services. We've also managed to keep our many customers satisfied, and maintain a 100% payout record since our inception - a record we're immensely proud of.

I have received a winning notification. Is it a scam?

Unfortunately, it might be - many customers do receive fake winning notifications from companies claiming to be online ticket vendors. If you are unsure of the origin of any competition lottery related mailer you may have received, please contact us for verification, and for your own safety. Feel free to contact the FreeLottoFest support team if you have any more questions.

How secure are your transactions?

As an EU based E-commerce Company, our online store has to comply with stringent data protection measures at all times.

FreeLottoFest only sources online lottos and competition bonuses from comanies that use Thawte SSL 256 bit security encryption and who's credit/debit card payments are processed through leading merchant services. 

We are also ensure lotto and competition agents are fully PCI Compliant (Payment Card industry Compliant) and attend to quarterly security scanning as required by PCI legislation to ensure your payments are always processed securely.

How many numbers do I need to match in order to win a prize?

Because the online lotto and competition offers change over time each new offer will have their own winning rules. Please check on the vendor's site for the rules of each competition. Having said that here are some general guidelines.

How many lucky numbers you match will determine which prize you win. In order to take home the jackpot players must match all numbers and bonus numbers in that particular lottery.

However, if you miss one or two lucky numbers you can still win tier two or three prizes, which can also be valued in the millions.