Free Lotto Competition Games

Live the dream with free lotto competition games and real cash prizes!

For Harry Dazz, life as a lotto competition player means fast cars, a bank account full of cash, designer clothing, exotic holidays and a home the size of a mansion. And now, thanks to the online lotto competition games at FreeLottoFest, that's a lifestyle you could soon be enjoying too - and all for free! Take a look at the fantastic lotto competition games on offer, and make your play for the millionaire lifestyle you've always wanted. Luxury living is only a few free clicks away!

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Game 1. Jackpot - USD 1 000

What's better than making money? Winning it of course! And that's exactly what you'll be able to do at, all without spending a cent! Simply choose six numbers from between 1 and 40, and if you match all six, you'll win $1000 on the spot! There's more where that came from though - because if you match five numbers, you'll win $100! Two fantastic cash prizes, two ways to win, and only one place to play -!

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Game 2. Jackpot - USD 2 000

At FreeLottoFest, 'shop till you drop' isn't just a saying, it's a promise! That is, if you enter to win our $2000 FREE for your very own shopping spree! Simply choose six numbers from between 1 and 40, and if you match all six, you could choose to be strutting your stuff on a shopping trip with $2000 in your pocket. Now that's what we call retail therapy!

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Game 3. Jackpot - USD 4 000

Work hard, play harder is Harry Dazz's motto - and now it's yours too! That is, if you play the free lotto competition games on offer at FreeLottoFest! You'd have enough money to treat yourself and your friends to the ultimate in party glamour simply by choosing six competitions numbers from 1 to 42. Match all six, and you could spend it on your dream party worth $4000! The winning (and the partying) doesn't stop there though - because if you match five numbers, you'll win $100. So get ready to send out those invites, because the party's happening at your place - all thanks to FreeLottoFest!

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Game 4. Jackpot - USD 6 000

Want to know what time it is? It's winning time - every time you play lotto competition games online at FreeLottoFest, that is! Win yourself the ideal bankroll and maybe splash out on a brand-new designer timepiece, simply by choosing six winning numbers between 1 and 42. Match five numbers to win $100, or match six numbers to win the ultimate first prize of $ 6 000!

island v2 2x2

Game 5. Jackpot - USD 8 000

Want to get away from it all on an all-expenses-paid first-class overseas holiday? Then FreeLottoFest is your ticket to luxury travel! Simply match six numbers between 1 and 50 and you could spend your winnings on the holiday of your dreams up to a massive $8000 or five numbers, you could pay for a mini break away to the value of R200. So get those suitcases down and get packing - the trip of a lifetime awaits, and you don't want to miss the boat!

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Game 6. Jackpot - USD 10 000

If you don't believe a free lotto competition game could win you a car worth $10 000, then you don't know Harry Dazz - or FreeLottoFest for that matter. That's because simply by playing our exclusive lotto competition game online and matching six numbers out of a choice of 60, you could win the car of your dreams! And unlike Henry Ford, your choice of colour is more than just black!

mansion 2x

Game 7. Jackpot - USD 5 000 000

We've saved the best till last - because when all's said and done, being able to pay for the home of your dreams truly is the ultimate competition prize, especially when you have $5 000 000 to spend on it! Don't believe us? Then play our free lotto competition game online today, and stake your claim to the house you've always dreamed of! Simply match six numbers between 1 and 90, and the ultimate $5 000 000 dream prize is yours - absolutely free! Even better, you'll have TWO chances PER DAY to play - giving you a massive 61 chances to win $5 000 000 every month. Worth playing for? Then make a note in your calendar, pop a post-it on your PC or sign up for our WinFest subscription here - because this is one prize you'll want to play for every chance you get!

Fourteen free lotto competition games, a wealth of ways in which to win - and all absolutely free! Make your play for cash, prizes and life-changing opportunities galore, all thanks to Harry Dazz and!