How The Lottery Is Making More Millionaires Than Gambling


It’s no secret that people love to gamble. The global gambling industry is a giant that rakes in nearly one trillion dollars every year. And online gambling accounts for nearly half of that. This is more than the movie, video game and music industry combined, and this number is projected to grow even further.

But with so much money being spent on gambling, someone must be winning. Right?

While it’s true that more people are gambling than ever before, people who are winning big are trying something new. More and more players who used to head to the blackjack table are instead getting tickets for traditional lottery games. And it’s proving a much better bet when it comes to winning big sums of money.

Clive Watts, an avid gambler said that “I could sit at a casino all night long and come out even or even lose a lot of money. Playing the lottery is much easier and I’ve won multiple payouts over $5,000. Something like that would take months gambling in a casino.”

So why are more gamblers putting down the cards and chips in favour of lottery tickets? There are multiple reasons behind this.

5 Quick Reasons Why More Gamblers Are Turning to Lottery Than Ever Before

Bigger payouts. While some casinos have jackpot payouts, they don’t compare to the billion-dollar prizes offered by lotteries. Like the USA Powerball and Mega Millions. Playing for lottery jackpots is much more exciting than playing for the biggest gambling prizes.

Instant wins. Winning the lottery is instant, just match your numbers on the night of the draw and you’re a winner. All it takes to get your winnings is the winning lottery ticket. In traditional gambling, it can take hours to build up your winnings, and all it takes is one unfortunate bet to lose it all.

Easy to play. Playing the lottery is easy. Just decide which lottery you’d like to play and pick your lucky numbers; that’s all there is to it! Quick Picks make it even quicker and easier to pick your lucky numbers. If you’re going to gamble you’ll need to play, make your bets, slowly build up your winnings and then make your profit.

Cheaper to play. If you want to win big in gambling you need to bet big. There aren't many forms of gambling that will let you win millions while only spending a little. When you play the lottery you can win the jackpot prizes with only a single ticket. It’s estimated that over half of big jackpot wins are claimed by those who only played one ticket.

Lottery syndicates. When gambling it’s you against the house, and the house always wins. With the lottery, you can join a lottery syndicate that lets you pool your resources with other lottery players to split the costs of the tickets. This not only makes it cheaper to play but also gives you much better chances at winning prizes.

How are the lottery and gambling different?

In a lottery game, you are competing against other players for the jackpot. If you and other players choose the same lucky numbers then you will split the winnings. The lottery provider does not participate in the lottery game at all.

You can also increase your winning odds by playing more lottery tickets or by joining a lottery syndicate. Lottery syndicates give you better chances at winning without having to buy additional tickets yourself.

In gambling, you are playing against the casino or the ‘house’ when playing. This means that the gambling operator has a vested interest in their players' loss.

There isn’t anything that players can do to increase their odds of winning prizes or the jackpot. The old expression ‘the house always wins is very applicable here.

How are lotteries and gambling winnings taxed?

This is a little more complicated but overall it seems that players get a better deal with the lottery when it comes to taxing winnings.

How much you are taxed in either lottery or gambling winnings largely depends on the country that you are collecting the winnings from. Countries like the United States have higher lottery and gambling taxes than most other countries.

An important difference between lottery taxes and gambling taxes is that you can get a clear idea of how much you will pay on winnings with the lottery. This information is readily available on their websites or in-store.

Gambling taxes are only calculated when you want to collect your winnings.

Is Lotto More Addictive Than Gambling?

Clive Watts also said that “Playing the lottery is a lot less addictive than gambling in a casino. I would sit at the blackjack table for hours at a time and would lose most of my winnings. Sometimes it would feel like I would just be playing for the rush. The longer I would play for, the less it mattered how much I had won or lost.”

Studies have shown that in the United States alone more than 20 million people say that casino gambling 'interferes with their everyday life’. And around 3 million people are actively seeking treatment for gambling addiction.

Because traditional gambling, like cards or roulette, involve more player interaction than playing the lottery. Therefore there is a bigger possibility that gamblers or casino players could become addicted more easily.

“When I started playing the lottery more often I became more focused on the money. I started accumulating smaller wins at first, and pretty soon I saw myself making much more money than what I did when gambling.”

Many people who have found gambling too addictive say that playing the lottery gives them the same thrill of winning. But without the need to play for hours on end.

Lottery addiction is extremely rare. Whereas most people who gamble regularly report that they often have trouble stopping.

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