The Amazing, Fantastic, Almost Completely True Story of one Mr. Harry B. Dazzle.

If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again, as the saying goes - and it's one that faithful lotto fan, Harry B. Dazzle took firmly to heart, playing the lottery every single week, rain or shine, for 25 long years. Who knows what it was that made Lady Luck finally sit up and take notice of Harry B. Dazzle (Harry Dazz to his friends) but once her eye fell on this loyal lotto player, earnestly choosing his lucky numbers without fail, she decided to make his favourite pastime worth his while. And with a snap of her fingers, one fateful day Mr Hary B. Dazzle of 10 Arcadia Avenue, County Clare, Ireland, was plain Harry Dazz no more. Instead, he was the instant winner of the one time, Outer Mongolian, $5 Billion Mega Deka jackpot - the world's biggest ever lotto jackpot and one that catapulted Harry beyond rich and famous into the stratosphere of the uber-mega-ultra-wealthy!

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For the next three years, Harry Dazz lived a life most of us could only ever dream of - huge houses, fast cars, supermodels on his arm, and a fleet of Learjets at his beck and call. If billionaire playboy was a job title, Harry Dazz would have had a perfect performance appraisal every year and then some. Once he almost decided to have business cards printed out - but then realised he could have way more fun with an Amex Black card instead. So he did.

However, no one's life is completely perfect (although Harry's came rather close) and so while he was partying from one end of the earth and back again, one question kept plaguing him. So much so that one morning, unable to sleep, he found himself pacing the marble floor of his Tuscan villa and asking himself the same question over and over again. "Should winning the lottery really be so hard?"

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You see, Harry's fortune hadn't come to him overnight. Instead, he'd tried and tried for many many years - buying lottery tickets in every conceivable draw every week, dutifully choosing his numbers, watching the draws, and going out and buying more tickets when his number combinations hadn't paid off. He'd spent thousands along the way, and worn himself out in the process - so while he was recovering from all the stress with daily massages and dinners at the Ritz, he wanted to find some way of ensuring that other lotto players were spared the same hardships. After all, what was the point of winning so much money if he couldn't use his good fortune and experience to help others hit massive jackpots too? Finally satisfied, Harry went back to his four post bed and fell into a deep relaxing sleep.

The next morning (ok, afternoon) Harry decided to put his plan into action - his plan of making massive lottery jackpots easily accessible to everyone wanting to play for them. He looked at the idea of traditional lotteries, but quickly dismissed them. Too much money involved in playing them, too much time involved in buying the tickets every week. He looked at the biggest cash prizes won round the world, and noted their pros and cons. And then he sat back and relaxed and let the ideas swirl around in his head for only a few hours when the big idea finally hit him! He jumped up, bolstered by enthusiasm, and excitement - and the rest, as they say, is history!

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That's because that was the moment that Harry Dazz decided to throw the lottery rule book out of the window and start writing his own - a book that contained countless free opportunities to win the biggest jackpots in the world with no time, and no money wasted. That was the moment that Harry Dazz created FreeLottoFest - the most thrilling lottery competition in the world!

Now thanks to FreeLottoFest and Harry's stroke of genius, there's no need for lotto fans to spend hours buying tickets, choosing numbers, waiting for the draws, and coming up empty-handed. That's because, at FreeLottoFest, you'll be able to play for MILLIONS EVERY DAY of the week, with not one, but Two different chances to stake your claim to the biggest jackpot every day. And if you thought that was the good news, you'd be wrong. Because do you know how much it costs to play at FreeLottoFest? Nothing! That's right - zero dollars. Nothing, nada, niente. No matter which way you say it, it's true in every language - huge lotto jackpots to play for, and all completely, absolutely, 100% FREE!

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There have been two red-letter days in Harry Dazz's life so far - the day he became a lotto jackpot winner, and the day he came up with a way for every lotto competition fans to experience the same thrill of winning, and the same life of luxury. Now it's your turn to have a life-changing moment of your own, all thanks to Harry and FreeLottoFest. The millions are waiting, and they're yours for the taking, all absolutely free. The only thing Harry asks is that once you become a multi-millionaire, you fly through to his Tuscan villa so that he can toast your good fortune with more of his Moet champagne. He's got cellars full of the stuff.

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Disclaimer: As a footnote, we sincerely hope you enjoyed our fun, fictional story of Harry Dazzle, the world's richest lotto winner with his fanciful billionaire lifestyle most of us can only dream of :-)
The reality behind the FreeLottoFest brand is that it's a competition platform that is an established EU based gaming investment company with a long-standing track record within the e-gaming sector. FreeLottoFest builds fun and rewarding competition games under EU compliance and whilst adhering to EU law statute. If you require any further information about FreeLottoFest, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will assist accordingly.