Have you ever thought that your personality type and winning cash online could have more to do with each other than you think? You might not know it, but online competitions have different factors like prize size, winning odds, ticket prices and much more. And your personality type is an important factor when choosing which online competition game you would like to play.

The Myers-Briggs personality test distinguishes between different personality types. It presents different questions which indicate different personality traits in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Read on to see how the different Myers-Briggs personality types can decide which online competition best suits you.

See below for which online competitions for best with different personality types.

INTJ - Online Competitions For "The Thinker" Personality Type

Personality type thinker

This personality type is characterised by logical decision making and careful analysis. If you’re the INTJ personality type you prefer to look at the big picture rather than the small details. When you play online competitions you like to focus on the jackpot rather than smaller prizes.

Your focus on jackpot payouts stems from your high ambitions and confidence. So which online competitions should the INTJ personality type play?

Which online competition games to play? USA Powerball, Mega Millions.

How should I play online competitions? Careful planning, focus on jackpots rather than collecting smaller payouts.

What can I do to win more? Find an online competition that has a good balance between a big jackpot and good winning odds.

The above online competitions have some of the biggest prizes, including record-breaking billion-dollar jackpots. If you’re the INTJ personality type all you need to do is register your free online account at FreeLottoFest and then select your online competition offer which has the biggest jackpot payouts and start playing today!

There are big jackpot draws every day of the week, with multiple games at FreeLottoFest offering multi-million dollar prizes paid out into your local bank account if you match all the numbers needed to win.

INTP - Online Competitions For "The Professor" Personality Type

Personality type professor

This personality type is characterised by flexible and intuitive thinking that employs a unique perspective when it comes to playing online competitions. They like to look at the whole picture, namely the odds, jackpots and ticket costs, and then decide how they would like to play.

The INTP personality type likes to do things their own way, so take a look at every competition offer at FreeLottoFest and trust your instincts when picking one to play.

Which online competition games to play? Any game is suited to this personality type.

How should I play online competitions? Use your flexible thinking patterns to pick an online competition game that looks interesting to you.

What can I do to win more? Dig a bit deeper and have a careful look at all of the different online competitions that are currently available.

Every online competition at FreeLottoFest has something to offer the INTP personality type. Games like the Mega Millions and USA Powerball have massive jackpots, games like the Cash4Life offer $1000 payouts every day for 20 years, and bundled offers have a group of the world's biggest lottery jackpot tickets in a single purchase.

ENTJ - Online Competitions For "The Commander" Personality

Personality type commander

This personality type has a strong sense of achievement and momentum and will often forgo immediate gratification in favour of long term goals. If you’re an ENTJ personality type you’ll probably prefer a strategy when it comes to playing online competitions, rather than simply picking random lucky numbers and hoping that luck is on your side.

When choosing an online competition you’ll want to look at each factor and make a careful decision. ENTJ personalities like to take everything into consideration when picking an online competition.

Which online competition games to play? All Draw Bonanza competition bundle.

How should I play online competitions? Play for smaller wins and use those winnings to fund future competition plays. Build up your winnings slowly.

What can I do to win more? Find an online competition with the best winnings odds, don’t pay too much attention to the value of the prizes.

The Ultimate Bundle has entries in all 10 of the world's riches lotto competition games, each with its own prizes and jackpot payouts. They also have different winning odds, making some easier to win than others, but any one of the prizes is enough to change your life forever. Playing the Ultimat Bundle will let you cover all your bases; included are games with big payouts, games with good odds and a money-back guarantee if you don’t win any prizes.

ENTP - Online Competitions For "The Debater" Personality Type

Personality type debater

If you’re an ENTP personality type then you undoubtedly like to stay fixated on your goals while still managing to have fun. They like to have multiple options before deciding on a definite course, often analysing different possibilities that might have the same outcome. How they like to play online competitions depends on the final results. Jackpot prizes, winning odds, draw frequency and ticket prices are just some of the factors that an ENTP personality type considers when choosing an online competition game to play.

Which online competition games to play? Ultimate Bundle Promo (All Draw Bonanza) competition bundle.

How should I play online competitions? Trust your instincts and pick online competitions that look appealing to you. Keep playing until you win big!

What can I do to win more? Find the online competition with the biggest jackpots and keep on playing! Don’t feel defeated if you don’t win at first, collecting your million dollar payday could take a few years of playing.

The All Draw Bonanza ticket bundle gives players the opportunity to play over 10 online competition games in a single purchase. This is perfect for ENTP players because each of the games offers different odds, prizes and number pools, giving the player the versatility needed to play according to their wishes.

INFJ - Online Competitions For "The Advocate" Personality Type

Personality type advocate

These personality types are the rarest, and they are quite complex and versatile individuals. INFJ personality types stay focused on their goals and don’t stop until they have achieved them. This means that they will often pick an online competition and obsessively play until they are satisfied with their winnings. INFJ players will want to pick a well-rounded online competition game and stick with it until they collect decent winnings.

Which online competition games to play? EuroMillions online competition.

How should I play online competitions? Play the online competition game with a good balance between payouts, winning odds and the price you will be paying for tickets.

What can I do to win more? Stick to your guns but find a well-rounded competition. It might take a while, but once you’ve found the right online competition you can apply your own playing style and start winning big.

The EuroMillions online competition has a consistent prize structure and breakdown, meaning it's perfect for the player with long term goals. This online competition has a well-rounded prize structure with decent winning odds, making it the perfect competition game for INFJ personality types to play.

ISFP - Online Competitions For "The Adventurer" Personality Type

Personality type adventurer

This personality type is characterised by open-mindedness and tends to welcome new experiences with open arms. They also like to get a bit creative in their approach to problems, and this same creativity can also be useful when playing online competitions. We recommend that ISFP personality types take a more carefree approach to online competitions; play in a variety of games and let your heart guide you when picking numbers or playing for prizes.

Which online competition games to play? Mega Millions online competition.

How should I play online competitions? Let your ambitions go wild and let your sense of adventure lead you to play for multi-million-dollar jackpots. And don’t stop until you’ve won the big one!

What can I do to win more? Use a bit of creativity while playing. Pick unique number combinations, play big or small; use your creative streak in your favour.

Playing in the online competitions with the biggest jackpots might not be anything new to ISFP personality types; so why not shake things up a bit with a new online game? To shake things up, try a new online competition every now and again.

Online Cash Competitions For Every Personality Type

Everybody loves winning and money, right!?

FreeLottoFest is an online competition portal that lets you play for real cash payouts from anywhere in the world. There are four different online competition offers; each with different payouts, winning odds and the best online competitions from Europe and the United States.

FreeLottoFest has a diverse selection of different online competitions for players to choose from, but one thing is the same with all of them. You stand a chance at winning real cash prizes from your home country, deposited directly into your personal account.

Sign up for your free online account, pick which competitions you think is best suited to your personality type, and then just wait for the winnings to start rolling in!

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