Online competitions offer convenience, with discounted offers, free entries, and 100% deposit bonuses. Today, the potential for life-changing winnings is an everyday reality. Let's talk about how thousands have already experienced the thrill of free online competitions plays and bonuses.

1. The benefits of playing online competitions

If you're looking for a new and exciting way to test your luck and potentially win big, online competitions with free perks are the perfect choice for you. With the convenience of playing from the comfort of your own home and the variety of games to choose from, online competitions offer many benefits.

Here's a good idea of what to expect when you start participating in online competitions:

2. The exclusive offers available

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There are exclusive offers available, including deep discounted tickets and 100% deposit bonuses.

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3. The potential for life-changing winnings

Online lotto competitions offer the potential for life-changing winnings. Imagine winning a large sum of money that could pay off your mortgage, send your children to college, or even allow you to retire early. The possibilities are endless with a large cash prize.

Participating in online lotto competitions, for example,  gives you the opportunity to dream big and potentially make those dreams a reality.

With a variety of games to choose from and the convenience of being able to play from anywhere at any time, the chances of hitting the jackpot are greater than ever before.

competition winner


4. Transparency and fairness of the playing online

Online lotto competitions offer the potential for life-changing winnings. Imagine winning the largest sum of money in prizes available online!

Winnings so big that they could:

Use your imagination as the possibilities are endless with a large cash prize.

Participating in online lotto competitions gives you the opportunity to dream big and potentially make those dreams a reality. With a variety of games to pick from and the convenience of being able to play from anywhere at any time.

And with so many international options to choose from, the chances of hitting the jackpot are greater than ever before.

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5. The safety and security of transacting online

Transparency and fairness should be key components of any online competition system. Online platform must take great care to ensure that their system is transparent and fair for all participants.

One way to ensure transparency is by regularly updating the website with the latest information about the games, rules, and procedures.

Additionally, they must make it easy for members to view their account history, purchase history and the results of the games they participated in.

5-star, results, lottery competition

6. Tips and tricks provided free via a weekly newsletter

Knowledge is power when it comes to maximizing your chances of winning.

That's why competition organizers should issue regular updates, tips, and information to their members through a free weekly newsletter.

Newsletters must be designed to give you an edge in the competition by providing valuable information, such as:

The free weekly newsletters of our partners are, easy to read and understand, and it's delivered straight to your inbox every week.

It's a great way to stay informed and up-to-date on all things related to online lotto competitions.

7. Testimonials of previous winners or satisfied players

As an example, here are three testimonials of previous winners or satisfied customers of our partners clients:

“I never thought it would be possible to win big in an online lotto competition, but I did it! Thanks to the platform's convenience and the exclusive offers, I was able to purchase more tickets and hit the jackpot. I couldn't be happier with my experience.” — John D.

“I've been a member for a few months now, and I am extremely satisfied with the service. The newsletter is very informative and helped me improve my strategy. I also appreciate the transparency and fairness of the system. I finally won a significant prize, which is going to change my life forever.” — Sarah K.

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8. Ease of signing up and getting started

At our partner's online lotto competition platform, for example, they understand that the process of signing up and getting started should be quick and easy for our members. That's why they've designed our sign-up process to be as straightforward as possible.

To sign up, you simply need to provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, and contact information*.

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Signing up and getting started is easy and stress-free.

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9. Customer support available to members.

Customer support teams are available to assist you 7 days a week, during business hours.

You can reach them by email, phone, or live chat on their website.

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The origins of Chinese astrology dates back to 1,000 BC when early Chinese astrologers assigned a different animal and its attributes to a different year on a repeating 12-year cycle.

This is sometimes called the ‘Chinese zodiac because of its similarities to the Western zodiac. The two main differences being that the Chinese zodiac references years and not months and that the Chinese zodiac is not based on constellations.

The Chinese zodiac also has certain numbers attributed to each sign, each more or less lucky than others. Below we’ll take a closer look at each sign on the Chinese zodiac, and what they say about winning the lottery in the upcoming year.

Below is a table with all the Chinese zodiac signs and their corresponding lucky numbers.

The Luckiest Numbers On The Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese culture, some numbers are considered luckier than others. The luckiest numbers according to Chinese culture are 6, 8, 9. This is because these numbers have the same phonetic pronunciation as the Chinese words for ‘smooth’, ‘well-off’ and ‘success.’

When playing the lottery it is better to use only one of these lucky numbers, or at most two. This is because if you use all three in the same number combination you will not be using enough of the numbers in the entire number pool.

Another lucky number in Chinese culture is the number 2. This is because the Chines hold the belief that ‘all good things come in pairs.’ This is most apparent in the theory of Feng Shui which suggests that the two determining features in the yin and yang are the complementary forces that are behind all things in the world.

The Luckiest Chinese Number Combinations For Lottery

There are some number combinations that are luckier than others according to Chinese wisdom. Below are some of the luckiest number combinations you can play when choosing your lottery numbers.

16 - 8: These numbers have the same phonetic pronunciation as the Chinese for ‘making a fortune all the way.’ Considered a lucky number combination for many areas of Chinese life, not just for the lottery.

5 - 20: This number combination sounds like the Chinese for "I love you", and has been considered lucky in Chinese culture for hundreds of years.

13 - 14: This roughly means ‘throughout one’s life,’ and is used on birthdays to wish one happy and long life. It’s also used alongside the above number combination to use 5 - 20 - 13 -14 to say ‘I love you forever.’

6 - 60: This is the numerical equivalent to the Red Envelope that is given out on Chinese New Year which is given out to wish the recipient a prosperous and wealth filled year ahead.

22 - 40: Together these numbers have the same sound as ‘big riches’ and are usually said to people celebrating their birthday or a promotion at work.

We recommend that you use only one of the above number combinations for every line that you play in the lottery. Playing more than one will mean you are not using enough of the number pool, and will effectively lower your odds of winning a lottery prize.

The Unluckiest Number According To The Chinese Zodiac

While some numbers are looked at as lucky numbers, there is also a number that is considered more unlucky according to Chinese culture.

The number 4 is considered extremely unlucky because in Chinese it is pronounced in a similar way to the word ‘death.’ Because of this many Chinese people will leave the number 4 out of their vehicle registration, phone number or any other significant numbers.

Chinese lottery players say that while they will sometimes play the number 4, they prefer to not use the number alone. For example, they will play numbers like 14, 24, 34, 40, 41, 42, but never just the number 4 alone.

Lottery Predictions For 2021 According To Chinese Zodiac

Along with attributing particular numbers and various attributes to the Chinese zodiac signs based on your year of birth, the Chinese also give these attributes to every new year.

Every year has its own animal and based on its attributes there are also sequences or single numbers that are considered lucky.

The Chinese New Year took place on February 12, 2021, and will run until January 31, 2022. According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox.

According to numerous sources who are experts in Chinese zodiacs and the lottery, the year 2021 will be a particularly lucky year for lottery players.

This year will be the year playing the lotto daringly will be rewarded, and the Chinese zodiac signs that are willing to play regularly, pick the best lucky numbers and shoot for the moon will be the ones claiming the multi-million dollar jackpots!

Also, the Year of the Metal Ox is a year in which certain players may feel the weight of personal responsibility or financial troubles. We say keep your head down, remember to get your lotto tickets every week and keep on playing as the year is going to be a lucky one.

For lottery players, it’s important to note that the Year of the Metal Ox brings career promotions, success in your job, prosperity and well-being for all Chinese zodiac signs.

Lucky numbers for 2021 – the year of the Metal Ox according to portal are as follows:

7, 9, 12, 21, 34, 42.

Which Chinese Zodiac Has The Most Lottery Wins?

A leading Australian lottery operator decided to do some research into which Chinese zodiac has the most lottery wins. The research was done over a period of 12 months in 2019.

Although most signs had a more or less equal number of wins there was a sign with more wins than the other 11 on the zodiac. This list should not be used to discourage you from playing if your sign is lower on the list, this is because the below list only uses data from a single year.

Below is the list of Chinese zodiac signs by how many jackpot wins each one claimed in 2019.

● Rat: 43
● Goat: 39
● Dragon: 38
● Ox: 37
● Horse: 35
● Pig: 34
● Rabbit: 34
● Monkey: 32
● Rooster: 31
● Tiger: 31
● Dog: 30
● Snake: 30

How Any Chinese Zodiac Can Start Winning Big

We’ve got some good news if you’re feeling like your Chinese zodiac may be a little unlucky this year. At FreeLottoFest you can sign up with one of four leading lottery offers, each comes bundled with loads of freebies and bonuses guaranteed to get you winning bigger.

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Sign up today and your offer will come bundled with the following:

1. A free copy of The Lotto Secret ebook, packed with tips and tricks to help you win bigger prizes more often!
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3. You get winning odds as good as 1-in-7 of winning any of the lottery prizes up for grabs.
4. Millions in jackpot prizes are available for you to win every day!
5. Play famous lottery games from the USA and Europe like the Mega Millions and EuroMillions.
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Millions in lottery winnings go unclaimed every year. Much of this is because lottery players will forget to check their tickets, or they will misplace them and are then unable to collect their prizes.

But a significant portion of unclaimed winnings is due to the fact that players will wait too long to claim their winnings. And after waiting too long their lottery tickets will expire.

At some point, all lottery tickets expire. This is why it’s so important to double-check the latest lottery results as soon as they are made available. Once a lottery ticket has expired there is nothing the player can do to claim their winnings. These winnings are then forfeit and are either donated to charity or they are put back into the prize pool for upcoming draws.

How Long Before Lottery Tickets Expire?

how long to collect lotto winnings

This depends on the lottery game, but it's normal for lottery tickets to expire between 100 days to a year after the draw has taken place. This means that players will have between 100 and 365 days to claim their winnings. Some lottery tickets are valid for up to one and a half years from their date of purchase.

Often a lottery provider will publish a news story or press release if a jackpot has not been claimed and the expiration date is approaching.

If you would like to know exactly how long it takes for your lottery ticket to expire, you can usually check the date on the back of the ticket. Alternatively, you can also check the exact date by searching online.

After a lottery ticket has expired it is considered void and can not be presented to claim any prizes. Usually, the winnings are either put toward the prize pool for the next draw, or they are donated to a local charity organisation. Make sure you don’t wait too long before claiming your lottery prizes!

You may also be interested in how the lottery is making more millionaires than gambling.

How Long Before A Powerball Ticket Expires?

powerball ticket expire

The USA Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games in the world. It is estimated that over 2 million people play the USA Powerball every week in America alone.

A Powerball ticket usually expires 180 days after the draw has taken place. There are some exceptions depending on the state you are playing from.

How Long Before A Mega Millions Ticket Expires?

mega millions ticket expire

The Mega Millions is responsible for multiple billion-dollar jackpots. Including the $1.5 billion jackpot won earlier this year. Millions of lottery players get their Mega Millions tickets every week hoping to win life-changing sums of money.

A Mega Millions ticket expires between 180 days to 1 year after the draw has taken place. This also depends on which state the tickets were bought in.

How Long Before A SuperEnaLotto Ticket Expires?

superena ticket expire

The SuperEnaLotto is the most popular lottery game in Italy but is also played by people from around the world.

With the SuperEnaLotto players only have 90 days to claim their prizes. Smaller prizes can be claimed in-store, but larger prizes and the jackpot needs to be claimed from the official lottery provider.

How Long Before A EuroJackpot Ticket Expires?

euro jackpot ticket expire

The EuroJackpot is a transnational European lottery game with more than 5 different countries taking part. And the draws are held every week in Helsinki. It's also a popular lottery game online. With millions of online players getting tickets every week.

EuroJackpot tickets expire between 35 days to 1 year, depending on where you bought your tickets. Check your tickets for specific expiration dates on EuroJackpot tickets.

How Long Before A EuroMillions Ticket Expires?

euromillions ticket expire

The EuroMillions is one of the most popular and oldest lottery games in Europe. Draws are held twice a week, with the draw itself taking place in Paris. The EuroMillions is also a popular online lottery game for players around the world. 

EuroMillions tickets expire 180 days after purchase. EuroMillions prizes can be collected up to 180 days after the draw, after which the winnings will be forfeit.

Can I Do Anything With Old Lottery Tickets?

Many people ask if they should keep their old lottery tickets or if there is any use in expired lotto tickets. People often ask if they can write off any taxes using their old lottery tickets. Some players even try to get their losing lottery tickets written off as a tax expense.

If you would like to use your old lottery tickets to get a discount from the taxman it’s important to present as much information as possible. Being able to claim taxes back on old lottery tickets depends on factors. Like which country you live in and which kind of taxes you are filing.

Most old physical lottery tickets can also be recycled. Just check the back of the ticket for the recycling symbol.

How Long Before The Draw Can I Buy Lottery Tickets?

Many players will wait until the last minute before buying lottery tickets. They will often rush to the shops and stand in queues before the ticket buying deadline comes around. This is especially true when the jackpot is big and many people are wanting to play in the draw.

The cutoff time for ticket sales often depends on which lottery you are playing. Most American lottery games like the USA Powerball or Mega Millions let players buy tickets an hour before the draw is scheduled to take place. Certain lotteries from Europe and the rest of the world will stop ticket sales on the same day as the draw is taking place.

Once ticket sales have been closed players will not be able to buy tickets for that particular lottery game. Until the draw has taken place and the results have been published.

Can I Collect Winnings After A Lottery Ticket Has Expired?

winnings after expired ticket

From the day of the draw, most lottery tickets have a set time in which players must come forward and claim their prizes. For smaller prizes, players can take their physical ticket to the shop where they originally purchased the ticket. For bigger prizes such as the jackpot, players need to visit the official lottery operator's offices. With their winning ticket in order to process their winnings.

Unfortunately, you cannot claim any prizes after the lottery ticket has expired. All of your unclaimed winnings will be put toward the next prize pool or will be given to a local charity organisation.

For example:

How long is a Powerball ticket good for?

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw taking place.

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Expiration

The time period for claiming a prize ranges from 180 days to 1 year from the draw date.

EuroMillions Lottery Ticket Expiration

Unclaimed EuroMillions tickets will expire in 180 days.

In Canada; Lottery tickets are valid for one year after the date of the draw.

To avoid losing your prize make sure that you check the exact date that your lottery tickets expire. Alternatively, you can claim your prize the day after the draw to avoid your winning ticket expiring.

How To Make Sure Your Lottery Tickets Don’t Expire

There is one simple way to make sure you never have to worry again about your lottery tickets expiring: just play the lottery online!

When you buy your lottery tickets online everything is done for you. Your tickets are automatically entered into the official draw. And any winnings you are owed are automatically deposited into your online account.

Never worry about your lottery tickets expiring again!

prevent lottery tickets expiring

Because your winnings are automatically deposited into your online account. You never need to worry about your tickets expiring or claiming your winnings before a deadline.

If your lottery ticket wins you any prizes you will receive an email confirming your win and your winnings are automatically paid out to you. You never need to stand in a queue to collect your winnings again!

Get So Much More When Playing The Lottery Online

Register your free online account with any of the offers at FreeLottoFest and you’ll get the best lottery deal on the whole internet. There are four different offers for new plates to choose from, each with tickets or shares in a leading lottery game.

Each offer comes with the same bonuses and promotions, guaranteed to help you on your path to winning big. Sign up for free today and you’ll get:

● Six plays in leading lotteries like the Mega Millions for as little as $1

● A free copy of Amazon bestselling ebook The Lotto Secret

● Play for millions in jackpots from global lottery games

● Great 1-in-7 chances of winning a prize

● Get a free callback from a lottery odds expert

Get the above and so much more when you play the lottery online with a FreeLottoFest online lottery offer. The multi-million dollar world of international lotteries is waiting for you, all you need to do is start playing today!

For more information on how to play and win online competitions.

It’s no secret that people love to gamble. The global gambling industry is a giant that rakes in nearly one trillion dollars every year. And online gambling accounts for nearly half of that. This is more than the movie, video game and music industry combined, and this number is projected to grow even further.

But with so much money being spent on gambling, someone must be winning. Right?

While it’s true that more people are gambling than ever before, people who are winning big are trying something new. More and more players who used to head to the blackjack table are instead getting tickets for traditional lottery games. And it’s proving a much better bet when it comes to winning big sums of money.

Clive Watts, an avid gambler said that “I could sit at a casino all night long and come out even or even lose a lot of money. Playing the lottery is much easier and I’ve won multiple payouts over $5,000. Something like that would take months gambling in a casino.”

So why are more gamblers putting down the cards and chips in favour of lottery tickets? There are multiple reasons behind this.

5 Quick Reasons Why More Gamblers Are Turning to Lottery Than Ever Before

Bigger payouts. While some casinos have jackpot payouts, they don’t compare to the billion-dollar prizes offered by lotteries. Like the USA Powerball and Mega Millions. Playing for lottery jackpots is much more exciting than playing for the biggest gambling prizes.

Instant wins. Winning the lottery is instant, just match your numbers on the night of the draw and you’re a winner. All it takes to get your winnings is the winning lottery ticket. In traditional gambling, it can take hours to build up your winnings, and all it takes is one unfortunate bet to lose it all.

Easy to play. Playing the lottery is easy. Just decide which lottery you’d like to play and pick your lucky numbers; that’s all there is to it! Quick Picks make it even quicker and easier to pick your lucky numbers. If you’re going to gamble you’ll need to play, make your bets, slowly build up your winnings and then make your profit.

Cheaper to play. If you want to win big in gambling you need to bet big. There aren't many forms of gambling that will let you win millions while only spending a little. When you play the lottery you can win the jackpot prizes with only a single ticket. It’s estimated that over half of big jackpot wins are claimed by those who only played one ticket.

Lottery syndicates. When gambling it’s you against the house, and the house always wins. With the lottery, you can join a lottery syndicate that lets you pool your resources with other lottery players to split the costs of the tickets. This not only makes it cheaper to play but also gives you much better chances at winning prizes.

How are the lottery and gambling different?

In a lottery game, you are competing against other players for the jackpot. If you and other players choose the same lucky numbers then you will split the winnings. The lottery provider does not participate in the lottery game at all.

You can also increase your winning odds by playing more lottery tickets or by joining a lottery syndicate. Lottery syndicates give you better chances at winning without having to buy additional tickets yourself.

In gambling, you are playing against the casino or the ‘house’ when playing. This means that the gambling operator has a vested interest in their players' loss.

There isn’t anything that players can do to increase their odds of winning prizes or the jackpot. The old expression ‘the house always wins is very applicable here.

How are lotteries and gambling winnings taxed?

This is a little more complicated but overall it seems that players get a better deal with the lottery when it comes to taxing winnings.

How much you are taxed in either lottery or gambling winnings largely depends on the country that you are collecting the winnings from. Countries like the United States have higher lottery and gambling taxes than most other countries.

An important difference between lottery taxes and gambling taxes is that you can get a clear idea of how much you will pay on winnings with the lottery. This information is readily available on their websites or in-store.

Gambling taxes are only calculated when you want to collect your winnings.

Is Lotto More Addictive Than Gambling?

Clive Watts also said that “Playing the lottery is a lot less addictive than gambling in a casino. I would sit at the blackjack table for hours at a time and would lose most of my winnings. Sometimes it would feel like I would just be playing for the rush. The longer I would play for, the less it mattered how much I had won or lost.”

Studies have shown that in the United States alone more than 20 million people say that casino gambling 'interferes with their everyday life’. And around 3 million people are actively seeking treatment for gambling addiction.

Because traditional gambling, like cards or roulette, involve more player interaction than playing the lottery. Therefore there is a bigger possibility that gamblers or casino players could become addicted more easily.

“When I started playing the lottery more often I became more focused on the money. I started accumulating smaller wins at first, and pretty soon I saw myself making much more money than what I did when gambling.”

Many people who have found gambling too addictive say that playing the lottery gives them the same thrill of winning. But without the need to play for hours on end.

Lottery addiction is extremely rare. Whereas most people who gamble regularly report that they often have trouble stopping.

Play The Lottery Online For The Quickest And Easiest Way To Win Big

FreeLottoFest has a selection of four top online lottery offers for new players to choose from. Each offer has tickets or shares into a different leading lottery game, but with one thing in common. They all have multi-million jackpots that are ready and waiting for you to win.

Just register your free account, pick which lottery offer you’d like to play. Then get your lucky numbers in and then simply wait for the draw. Winning millions is that easy!

FreeLottoFest includes offers from popular lotteries like the USA Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and the Cash4Life. All of the offers at FreeLottoFest change regularly to include new lotteries and jackpots. And of course, exciting bonuses and promotions for new players to claim.

The lotteries available through the FreeLottoFest portal are the best on the internet. So get out of the casino and ditch your Friday night gambling, playing the lottery online gives you much bigger prizes that are easier to win.

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Winning the lottery is the quick and definitive way to go from broke to millionaire status in an instant. But wouldn’t it be helpful to know what your chances of winning are before even buying a single ticket?

Millions of people look to the stars every year. Looking for answers to their personal, political or financial questions. So what does your zodiac have to say about winning the lottery this year?

Read further to see if you’re going to win the lottery in 2021 according to your star sign

Will Aries Win The Lottery This Year?

Aries is set to have an extremely lucky year. So take advantage of this fact early! Don’t wait another second before playing your favourite lottery games. We recommend that you aim for the stars and the billion-dollar jackpots. Like those in the USA Powerball and Mega Millions.

Aries lottery players; this is going to be your year!

Best days to play the lottery this year for Aries: Thursday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Aries: 04, 12, 53, 60

Best lotteries to play for Aries: Mega Millions, USA Powerball

Will Taurus Win The Lottery This Year?

For Taurus players, a bit of extra effort will be needed when chasing those millions. This means following which lotteries are offering the biggest jackpots. So make sure you don’t miss a single draw. Keep playing every week and change up your lucky numbers if you feel like you’re not winning enough.

Taurus players should do fine as long as they persist.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Taurus: Thursday, Friday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Taurus: 14, 22, 51, 55

Best lotteries to play for Taurus: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot

Will Cancer Win The Lottery This Year?

Big things are in store for Cancer lottery players. So we recommend that you change up your playing style. This is to accommodate the big changes brought on by your Zodiac. And don’t get too discouraged if the change in your game doesn’t bring immediate results. Just change up things like the lottery you’re playing or the lucky numbers you’ve picked.

Cancer lottery players stand to win big if they are able to withstand some losses first.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Aries: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Aries: 12, 19, 23, 45

Best lotteries to play for Aries: Mega Millions, Cash4Life

Will Gemini Win The Lottery This Year?

While Gemini players might not be set to win the jackpot this year. does that mean they should abandon playing the lottery altogether? No, because there are still massive tier two and tier three prizes but for grabs. And your chances at winning these seem much more promising!

Things might not look good for Gemini’s when it comes to winning the lottery. But there are still massive second and third prizes still valued in the millions.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Gemini: Monday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Gemini: 03, 09, 28, 36, 50

Best lotteries to play for Gemini: UK National Lottery, Irish Lotto

Will Leo Win The Lottery This Year?

Your stubbornness usually prevents you from taking any big risks. but this could be the year that a bit of risk-taking turns into real big lottery payouts. Use important personal dates when playing your lucky numbers. This year could be the one you’re catapulted to multi-millionaire status!

Leo players should take bigger risks this year. And collect bigger prizes than ever before.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Leo: Sunday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Leo: 02, 09, 24, 30

Best lotteries to play for Leo: UK National Lottery, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot

Will Virgo Win The Lottery This Year?

Virgo is the healer star sign, and you play the lottery in the hopes of winning so that you can help those closest to you. Play sensibly and consistently and you’ll see those smaller wins build up in no time! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win the jackpot, focus on building up smaller wins.

Virgos should play safely to accumulate smaller wins throughout the year.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Virgo: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Virgo: 23, 29, 37, 40

Best lotteries to play for Virgo: USA Powerball, Mega Millions, Canada Lotto

Will Sagittarius Win The Lottery This Year?

The second half of the year is when Sagittarius will start to see a real change in their luck. Your luck will intensify throughout the second half of the year. So December is when you’re the most likely to hit the jackpot.

Get your lottery tickets from June onwards, and get ready for a very big win in December!

Best days to play the lottery this year for Sagittarius: Monday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Sagittarius: 20, 31, 39, 45

Best lotteries to play for Sagittarius: Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, SuperEnaLotto

Will Libra Win The Lottery This Year?

Last year may have been a little tough on you in more ways than one, but your luck looks set to shift in the new year. Don’t be discouraged by a few losses. You may need to stick to your guns and keep playing the lottery before you get any big wins. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this year is a repeat of last year.

You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, big lottery wins are coming your way this year.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Sagittarius: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Sagittarius: 22, 29, 34, 39, 45, 50

Best lotteries to play for Sagittarius: SuperEnaLotto, Canada Lotto, German Lotto

Will Scorpio Win The Lottery This Year?

Scorpio’s are known for being born under one of the luckiest stars. But does that mean a jackpot win is coming your way this year? Test your luck with a few small lottery plays to see how you fare. If you have any nice wins, just scale up and play more tickets in your favourite lottery game. If you don’t, keep playing small until your luck starts to turn.

Scorpio’s are very lucky, and this year will be no different. Play big and win big!

Best days to play the lottery this year for Scorpio: Friday, Saturday, Monday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Scorpio: 20, 32, 33, 47

Best lotteries to play for Scorpio: USA Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot

Will Capricorn Win The Lottery This Year?

In general, this year will be one of the most consistent and stable years in a long time, but does that mean a lottery win is in your future? At first, why not play carefully and before buying bulk tickets see how your luck streek goes with a few single tickets draws. Set the number of tickets you’d like to play every week and stick to it. Keep on playing, just take it slow, and your big win will come eventually!

Capricorn’s will have consistent lottery wins this year, but if one of them is a jackpot win remains to be seen.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Capricorn: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Capricorn: 12, 17, 23, 37

Best lotteries to play for Capricorn: Mega Millions, EuroMillions, France Lotto

Will Pisces Win The Lottery This Year?

Big lottery winnings are waiting for you this year. But you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone and start playing more daringly. Find lotteries with big jackpots, regular draws and millions in payouts. And start playing them now.

Pisces have big changes coming their way, but they’re going to have to take a chance and play big to win big!

Best days to play the lottery this year for Pisces: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Pisces: 19, 23, 33, 41

Best lotteries to play for Pisces: Mega Millions, Cash4Life, EuroMillions, German Lotto

Will Aquarius Win The Lottery This Year?

The first few months of the year might feel a bit luckless, but keep persisting and you’ll see your luck start to turn in the second half of the year. Play in smaller lotteries for the first six months of the year. And then switch it up and play for bigger jackpots in the second half of the year.

Stick to smaller lotteries in the beginning of the year. Start playing multi-million jackpot lottery draws in the last six months of the year.

Best days to play the lottery this year for Aquarius: Monday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky numbers to play this year for Aquarius: 04, 20, 31, 34

Best lotteries to play for Aquarius: UK National Lottery, Canada Lotto, Mega Millions, USA Powerball

Which Is The Luckiest Lottery Star Sign This Year?

Each year the stars are aligned differently. and some signs prove themselves luckier than others when it comes to playing and winning the lottery. This year there are a few lucky star signs in the Zodiac which may prove to have an extra sprinkle of luck. Each of them can claim big lottery winnings if they play regularly and stick to the right lotteries and play the right lucky numbers.

Below are the luckiest star signs for this year.

Aries - In general, Aries is a very lucky sign, but this year will see them winning big jackpots if they play right.

Leo - This year will see Leos have general financial success and it can extend to the lottery. Play the right lotteries and you could be collecting millions this year.

Pisces - Change up a few playing habits and Pisces are set to win big lottery prizes this year! Don’t be afraid to get tickets for lotteries you’ve never played before.

The right lucky numbers and a bit of lady luck are all it takes! Although the above star signs may have a few more stars aligned in their favour, it is an exceptionally lucky year in general... This is your luckiest year no matter what zodiac sign you fall under.

At FreeLottoFest new players will have the chance to pick one of four online lottery offers. Each one offering different prizes and lottery games.

Knowing what your star sign holds in store for you this year. Knowing which is the right lottery game for you to play could finally bring you that multi-million dollar jackpot that you’ve been hoping for.

Just register your free account, pick your lottery games and lucky numbers. And wait for the winnings to start rolling in!

You may also be interested in playing online cash competitions according to your personality type...

Have you ever thought that your personality type and winning cash online could have more to do with each other than you think? You might not know it, but online competitions have different factors like prize size, winning odds, ticket prices and much more. And your personality type is an important factor when choosing which online competition game you would like to play.

The Myers-Briggs personality test distinguishes between different personality types. It presents different questions which indicate different personality traits in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Read on to see how the different Myers-Briggs personality types can decide which online competition best suits you.

See below for which online competitions for best with different personality types.

INTJ - Online Competitions For "The Thinker" Personality Type

Personality type thinker

This personality type is characterised by logical decision making and careful analysis. If you’re the INTJ personality type you prefer to look at the big picture rather than the small details. When you play online competitions you like to focus on the jackpot rather than smaller prizes.

Your focus on jackpot payouts stems from your high ambitions and confidence. So which online competitions should the INTJ personality type play?

Which online competition games to play? USA Powerball, Mega Millions.

How should I play online competitions? Careful planning, focus on jackpots rather than collecting smaller payouts.

What can I do to win more? Find an online competition that has a good balance between a big jackpot and good winning odds.

The above online competitions have some of the biggest prizes, including record-breaking billion-dollar jackpots. If you’re the INTJ personality type all you need to do is register your free online account at FreeLottoFest and then select your online competition offer which has the biggest jackpot payouts and start playing today!

There are big jackpot draws every day of the week, with multiple games at FreeLottoFest offering multi-million dollar prizes paid out into your local bank account if you match all the numbers needed to win.

INTP - Online Competitions For "The Professor" Personality Type

Personality type professor

This personality type is characterised by flexible and intuitive thinking that employs a unique perspective when it comes to playing online competitions. They like to look at the whole picture, namely the odds, jackpots and ticket costs, and then decide how they would like to play.

The INTP personality type likes to do things their own way, so take a look at every competition offer at FreeLottoFest and trust your instincts when picking one to play.

Which online competition games to play? Any game is suited to this personality type.

How should I play online competitions? Use your flexible thinking patterns to pick an online competition game that looks interesting to you.

What can I do to win more? Dig a bit deeper and have a careful look at all of the different online competitions that are currently available.

Every online competition at FreeLottoFest has something to offer the INTP personality type. Games like the Mega Millions and USA Powerball have massive jackpots, games like the Cash4Life offer $1000 payouts every day for 20 years, and bundled offers have a group of the world's biggest lottery jackpot tickets in a single purchase.

ENTJ - Online Competitions For "The Commander" Personality

Personality type commander

This personality type has a strong sense of achievement and momentum and will often forgo immediate gratification in favour of long term goals. If you’re an ENTJ personality type you’ll probably prefer a strategy when it comes to playing online competitions, rather than simply picking random lucky numbers and hoping that luck is on your side.

When choosing an online competition you’ll want to look at each factor and make a careful decision. ENTJ personalities like to take everything into consideration when picking an online competition.

Which online competition games to play? All Draw Bonanza competition bundle.

How should I play online competitions? Play for smaller wins and use those winnings to fund future competition plays. Build up your winnings slowly.

What can I do to win more? Find an online competition with the best winnings odds, don’t pay too much attention to the value of the prizes.

The Ultimate Bundle has entries in all 10 of the world's riches lotto competition games, each with its own prizes and jackpot payouts. They also have different winning odds, making some easier to win than others, but any one of the prizes is enough to change your life forever. Playing the Ultimat Bundle will let you cover all your bases; included are games with big payouts, games with good odds and a money-back guarantee if you don’t win any prizes.

ENTP - Online Competitions For "The Debater" Personality Type

Personality type debater

If you’re an ENTP personality type then you undoubtedly like to stay fixated on your goals while still managing to have fun. They like to have multiple options before deciding on a definite course, often analysing different possibilities that might have the same outcome. How they like to play online competitions depends on the final results. Jackpot prizes, winning odds, draw frequency and ticket prices are just some of the factors that an ENTP personality type considers when choosing an online competition game to play.

Which online competition games to play? Ultimate Bundle Promo (All Draw Bonanza) competition bundle.

How should I play online competitions? Trust your instincts and pick online competitions that look appealing to you. Keep playing until you win big!

What can I do to win more? Find the online competition with the biggest jackpots and keep on playing! Don’t feel defeated if you don’t win at first, collecting your million dollar payday could take a few years of playing.

The All Draw Bonanza ticket bundle gives players the opportunity to play over 10 online competition games in a single purchase. This is perfect for ENTP players because each of the games offers different odds, prizes and number pools, giving the player the versatility needed to play according to their wishes.

INFJ - Online Competitions For "The Advocate" Personality Type

Personality type advocate

These personality types are the rarest, and they are quite complex and versatile individuals. INFJ personality types stay focused on their goals and don’t stop until they have achieved them. This means that they will often pick an online competition and obsessively play until they are satisfied with their winnings. INFJ players will want to pick a well-rounded online competition game and stick with it until they collect decent winnings.

Which online competition games to play? EuroMillions online competition.

How should I play online competitions? Play the online competition game with a good balance between payouts, winning odds and the price you will be paying for tickets.

What can I do to win more? Stick to your guns but find a well-rounded competition. It might take a while, but once you’ve found the right online competition you can apply your own playing style and start winning big.

The EuroMillions online competition has a consistent prize structure and breakdown, meaning it's perfect for the player with long term goals. This online competition has a well-rounded prize structure with decent winning odds, making it the perfect competition game for INFJ personality types to play.

ISFP - Online Competitions For "The Adventurer" Personality Type

Personality type adventurer

This personality type is characterised by open-mindedness and tends to welcome new experiences with open arms. They also like to get a bit creative in their approach to problems, and this same creativity can also be useful when playing online competitions. We recommend that ISFP personality types take a more carefree approach to online competitions; play in a variety of games and let your heart guide you when picking numbers or playing for prizes.

Which online competition games to play? Mega Millions online competition.

How should I play online competitions? Let your ambitions go wild and let your sense of adventure lead you to play for multi-million-dollar jackpots. And don’t stop until you’ve won the big one!

What can I do to win more? Use a bit of creativity while playing. Pick unique number combinations, play big or small; use your creative streak in your favour.

Playing in the online competitions with the biggest jackpots might not be anything new to ISFP personality types; so why not shake things up a bit with a new online game? To shake things up, try a new online competition every now and again.

Online Cash Competitions For Every Personality Type

Everybody loves winning and money, right!?

FreeLottoFest is an online competition portal that lets you play for real cash payouts from anywhere in the world. There are four different online competition offers; each with different payouts, winning odds and the best online competitions from Europe and the United States.

FreeLottoFest has a diverse selection of different online competitions for players to choose from, but one thing is the same with all of them. You stand a chance at winning real cash prizes from your home country, deposited directly into your personal account.

Sign up for your free online account, pick which competitions you think is best suited to your personality type, and then just wait for the winnings to start rolling in!

You may also be interested in playing online cash competitions according to your zodiac...

More people than ever before are winning big prizes in online competitions, and more millions are set to be won in 2021 than at any other time in history. These big winnings are attributed to the large number of online competitions, and how easy it has become to sign up and collect winnings online.

In the past players had to fill out documents, return bank statements and wait months before being able to collect online winnings. Now players only need to complete a simple registration form before playing, and collecting winnings is quick and easy and deposits are usually completed on the same day.

Another big contributing factor is that there are regular online competition draws that are held every day of the week. Play any of our online competition offers and collect your winnings directly after the draw has taken place and the results have been confirmed.

All our online competition prizes can be paid out into your local bank account. If you have matched enough lucky numbers to win a prize, you will receive an email notifying you of your win, and you may then request that your winnings be deposited into your bank account. That’s why collecting your online winnings has never been easier!

Why more people are collecting online competition winnings

Playing online competitions are a great way to win prizes valued well into the multi-millions. Enter into big online competitions to win massive prizes by entering into any of our exciting online competition offers.

The prizes in our online competition offers can range from small prizes or free tickets, right up to multi-million dollar jackpot prizes. Your prize value will be determined by how many lucky numbers you match in the draw.

Below are some of the reasons why more people are collecting more online competition winnings.

More online competitions than ever before. As the internet becomes more accessible to people around the world, more people are interested in playing online competitions that don’t require them to buy physical tickets. Estimates have shown that the number of online competitions has doubled in the last three years.

More people are collecting real cash prizes. With more people playing than ever before, more cash prizes are being paid out to players across the world. It is estimated that between 2018-2021 there was more than $10 billion paid out in online competitions winnings to lucky players. Play FreeLottoFest online competitions now and you could be collecting real cash prizes today!

Quick and easy registration process. In the past, you needed to supply ID documents before you could collect any online winnings, but nowadays the process is much simpler. All you need to do is complete the registration form by providing your name, surname, email address and contact number. After that, you’re ready to start winning in online competitions!

Competition portals that bring you the best offers. Players don’t need to search the internet for online competitions anymore, there are online competition portals that curate the top online competitions in their region. FreeLottoFest has selected four of the internet’s top online competition offers that all payout real, big cash prizes to players.

Variety of competitions. When you decide to play online competitions you’ll be spoilt for choice. In previous years, you only had a few competitions to choose from, but nowadays there are thousands to choose from with different prize payouts, winning odds and price to play. At FreeLottoFest there is a selection of online competitions, each one is different suited to the particular player.

Biggest Online Competition Prizes Ever Won

Online competition and real money competitions are responsible for billions in winnings that have been paid out in the past 20 years or so. When you play online competitions today you can get in the running to win prizes from big games from the United States, Europe and Australia. You’ll be able to enter into these games through the FreeLottoFest online competition offers.

And yes, the prizes on the line at FreeLottoFest are matched to those of the actual official competition games. Sign up and play at FreeLottoFest and collect the biggest winnings from the world’s favourite online games.

Some Of The Biggest Online Competitions And "Normal" Competition Wins In History

January 2016 - $1.58 Billion. This amazing prize was won and split between three couples in early 2016. This prize was also made available to play online, but this prize was claimed by physical ticket holders.

October 2018 - $1.53 Billion. This winner claimed the largest ever competition prize to be won by a single player. The winner of this prize has chosen to stay anonymous, but we do know that after claiming the prize they purchased a multi-million dollar mansion and donated to various local charities.

July 2016 - $687 Million. Two winners split this amazing competition prize after both picking the same lucky numbers. Even though both players claimed multi-million dollar prizes, they both say they will keep playing online competitions and hope that luck stays on their side.

December 2013 - $648 Million. This winner claimed a multi-million dollar prize after using a combination of birthdays and personal lucky numbers to win. Even after claiming this amazing prize, the winner has no plays on quitting online competitions saying, " I will continue playing my numbers until this train runs out!"

November 2012 - $587 Million. A couple won this amazing competition prize and then went on to pay for college fees for their grandchildren, nieces and four nephews. The couple still plays online competitions to this day hoping to win another multi-million dollar payout.

FreeLottoFest has been helping to pay out online competition prizes to players around the world for years. And now you can play for these life-changing prizes today after only a few easy steps. Just choose which competition offer you’d like to play, complete the registration form, pick your lucky numbers and wait for the winnings and prizes to start rolling in!

Best Small And Big Prizes To Win Online

With FreeLottoFest online competition offers you stand a chance at winning prizes from big, life-changing jackpots to smaller, easier to win prizes. The value of your prize is determined by which play style you choose, single ticket or syndicate, and how many lucky numbers you match.

The biggest prizes at FreeLottoFest are some of the biggest of any online competitions you can currently play. These include multi-million or even billion dollar jackpots from well-known games like the USA Powerball and Mega Millions. These are the jackpot prizes, and players must match all the lucky numbers to win these prizes. They have higher odds of winning, but rest assured that if you win one you will never need to worry about money ever again! If you miss a number or two you can still win the big tier two and tier three prizes.

The smaller prizes paid out through the FreeLottoFest competition offers can range from a few dollars to free plays in upcoming draws. The value of these small prizes also depends on if you play single entries or with a syndicate. When you play in a competition syndicate all of the prizes and costs are split between you and the other syndicate members. Syndicate competition prizes are easier to win than if you played single competition entries.

How FreeLottoFest Has Made Winning Online Competitions Quick And Easy

So how does FreeLottoFest not only have the biggest online competition prizes in the world but also make winning so easy? The team has done all the legwork to make playing, winning and claiming online prizes so easy that anyone can start winning now.

One of the ways that FreeLottoFest is making winning easy is through next-generation technology to generate numbers with the best odds of being drawn. The technology utilises past draw data to detect patterns and suggest number pics that have the very best chance of being drawn. FreeLottoFest uses the exclusive SUPA-QP technology to choose lucky numbers that are statistically more likely to appear in upcoming draws.

The SUPA-QP number picking program analyses thousands of past winning number combinations and recognize patterns and missed opportunities to assess which numbers are most likely to come up in the next draw. To date there have been thousands of players who have used the SUPA-QP number technology to produce their winning numbers, making the process much easier than choosing your own lucky numbers.

Everyone who signs up to play online competitions at FreeLottoFest will have instant access to the SUPA-QP technology.

Another way that FreeLottoFest is making playing and winning easier is by providing new players with the option of four leading online competition offers to choose from. Each competition has different prize payouts, winning odds and price to play; making picking the road to millionaire status easy and quick. Take a look at the four competition offers and see how easy it is to become a winner today!

More people than ever are turning to free online competitions in search of life-changing millions. Companies have realised that they need to offer bigger prizes every day of the week to attract more players to their free online competition sites. Free online competitions have changed the way people make money online by providing a quick and free way for people to play for real money prizes without having to buy physical tickets or pay in other ways.

Keep reading to see how free online competitions are changing the way people are making money online.

Want to win big prizes but don’t have the cash to buy tickets? Then free online competitions are just for you! Playing free online competition games can either be fun and easy, or they can be difficult to figure out and offer very little winnings. And for the first time, we’re allowing players to pick from four different online competitions, and each one comes with plenty of free bonuses.

Playing free online competitions are a great way to get your hands on big cash payouts without having to spend a cent. Finding the right free online competitions is all about knowing what you want in terms of prizes, winning odds and other incentives. Taking the time to research free online competitions will give you a better idea of what is available to play online.

Before you enter into any free online competition games you should be sure that you trust the brand, and that the website offering the game is legitimate and is hosted on a genuine website. When looking for a legitimate free online competition website keep an eye out for things like player testimonials, read the Terms and Conditions and see if they have a working support team or support email address.

Win Real Cash Prizes With Free Online Competitions

The biggest appeal of playing in free online competitions is the chance at winning real cash prizes from some of the world’s biggest competition games. Play in your favourite free online competition games any day of the week to stand a chance of winning cash prizes well into the multi-millions.

Get your shares or tickets now and you could be the lucky winner of a real cash jackpot or any of the massive tier two and tier three cash prize payouts. All cash prizes are automatically deposited into your online profile, and you may then request a withdrawal into your bank account.

The real cash prizes can range anywhere from billion-dollar jackpots, big tier two and three prizes, or even free tickets and shares. How many lucky numbers you match will reflect how much cash you can take home?

How To Win Real Cash Prize By Playing Free Online Competitions

Many people want to win money and are willing to play free online competitions, but don’t know how to get started. The good news is that you can start playing in the best free online competitions and win real cash prizes in three easy steps.

Follow the below steps to start on your winning journey.

Step 1. Register your free account. The first thing you’ll need to do is register a free account by providing your details like name, surname, email address and contact number. These details are needed to set up your online account so that your winnings can be allocated to you.

Step 2. Choose which online competition to play. You’ll have a choice of different games, including various free online competitions, that you can play. Everyone offers different prizes, winning odds and plenty of free bonuses for you to claim after playing! Check the FreeLottoFest homepage to see which games you have a choice of playing.

Step 3. Wait for the results and see the winnings roll in! The best part of free online competition games is all the millions that you stand a chance to win. After you’ve played your shares or tickets in the competitions, all you need to do is wait for the draw and see how many lucky numbers you’ve matched. The number of numbers you match in any online competition will determine how much winning you can collect.

online money competitions

Free Online Competitions To Play In 2021

At the start of 2021, there are a record number of free online competitions for players to choose from. In fact, searching for ‘free online competitions will return over one billion search results. The top-ranking free online competition websites will all offer big prizes from flashy looking websites, and in 2021 new players are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a free online competition that suits their needs.

You could choose a free online competition that offers great winning odds but smaller payouts, or you could pick a game with billion-dollar jackpots but lower winning odds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to online competitions in 2021.

New free online competition games in 2021 work under the same rules as traditional popular online competition games. To win, a prize player must match numbers and bonus numbers from a predetermined number pool. To win the jackpot in any free online competition games, and the other competitions hosted at FreeLottoFest, players must match all the numbers and bonus numbers. Don’t worry if you don’t match all the lucky numbers, players can still win big prizes by matching four or five lucky numbers, depending on which free online competition games you choose to play.

What’s New In 2021 For Online Competitions?

So what’s new in 2021 for free online competitions, and what sets FreeLottoFest apart from other competition websites?

Since there are so many free online competitions to choose from, FreeLottoFest is setting itself apart from the competition in the following ways:

Bigger payouts and jackpots. Each year everything from free online competitions to global lottery games are pressured to offer bigger prizes as their players are looking to win bigger and more often. At FreeLottoFest you stand a chance at winning the world’s biggest prize payouts from the richest competitions.
Get better winning odds. At FreeLottoFest you’ll get better winning odds than any other free online competition game. Play and you’ll get odds as good as a 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize. New players get to select from four different competition offers, each with their own winning odds and selection of free bonuses.
Free bonuses and incentives. What would playing any online competition be without the free bonuses and player incentives? At FreeLottoFest you’ll be able to claim upwards of $500 worth of free bonuses and player incentives. Each online competition offer at FreeLottoFest comes bundled with their own exclusive free bonuses, and these free bonuses are also regularly changed to ensure that players always get something new to claim.

Free Online Competition Games South Africa

Players from South Africa can sign up to play free online competition games and stand a chance at winning big! All South African players need to do is register a free online account, decide which online competition game to play, pick their lucky numbers and wait for the winnings to start rolling in!

Thousands of online competition players from South Africa are already winning big, are you ready to join them?

Register a free account at FreeLottoFest to start playing for millions directly from your home in South Africa.

Free Online Competition Games Namibia

You can start playing free online competition games from your home in Namibia today. Players can start playing free online competition games after registering a free account and picking a set of lucky numbers. Millions have already been won by players from Namibia thanks to free online competition games, will you join the winner’s circle?

Players from Namibia can register a FreeLottoFest account and start winning prizes from some of the world’s richest online competitions. Join thousands of players from Namibia who are already winning big!

Register your free account at FreeLottoFest and you’ll not only be able to play for millions, but you can also claim hundreds in free bonuses.

Free Online Competition Games Australia

In Australia, thousands of people have turned to free online competitions to win real cash prizes without having to leave the house. Australians can register a free account at FreeLottoFest and start playing for jackpots and big cash prizes from the world’s most popular online competition games.

Free online competitions are a great way for players from Australia to win big prizes without having to pay for tickets.

Australians can start winning real cash prizes from the world’s best free online competitions right now.

Free Online Competition Games Canada

Play in the best free online competition games and collect big prizes in Canada. Free online competitions are a great way for Canadians to play for big cash prizes without having to pay for tickets or shares.

FreeLottoFest is the number one choice for players from Canada when it comes to online competitions that come bundled with loads of free bonuses.

So, sit back, register your free account, pick your lucky numbers and watch the winnings start rolling in.

The Best Free Online Competitions To Win Big Money

For over a decade FreeLottoFest has brought the best free online competition deals to players from around the world. What makes FreeLottoFest the best place to play free online competition games is that players have a choice of the best online competition deals, and each one comes loaded with free bonuses, discounts and other incentives.

What makes FreeLottoFest one of the best free online competition platforms is that you get to play online for big multi-million prizes and claim free bonuses. Here are just some of the things you can get your hands on at FreeLottoFest for free:

Free copy of ‘The Lotto Secret”. This easy to understand guide is packed with tips and tricks to help you get better winning odds and win bigger prizes. New players can pick up their free copy after completing registration and choosing which online competition offer to play.
Free access to a lottery odds expert. As a part of the FreeLottoFest online competition offer, is free access to a lottery odds expert that will give you a free callback to discuss your playing strategy. Our lottery odds experts have been proven to get players bigger wins more frequently.
Free access to SUPA-QP number technology. FreeLottoFest online competition games use unique number algorithm technology to choose numbers that are statistically more likely to come up in future draws. All FreeLottoFest players will have instant free access to the SUPA-QP system.
Money-back guarantees if you don’t win. At FreeLottoFest you can’t lose thanks to the money-back guarantee you get on certain competition offers. Play in the online competitions at FreeLottoFets and, with selected offers, you’ll secure a money-back guarantee if you don’t win at least one prize.

You may be interested in how to play and win online competitions...

All of the internet’s top online competitions are ready for you to play and win big prizes. In 2021 the selection of online competition games is bigger than ever before, with prizes reaching into the multi-millions every draw.

New players will get to pick from four of the world’s top online competitions. All of the available online competitions have been updated to include any rule changes or prize structure changes that have been implemented in 2021. When you play any of the online competitions at FreeLottoFest you can be certain that you’re getting the latest in international games and prizes and with loads of bonuses and incentives for all new players.

The chance to win big money prizes in 2021 has never been easier. All it takes is a few steps and you’ll be able to get into the running for this year’s biggest cash prizes from the best online competition games. Play online and win prizes all from the comfort of your couch.

This trick will makes winning online competition prizes easiy

Follow These Steps To Play Online Competitions In 2021

Step 1. Register your free player account. Before you can start winning you need to sign up for your free player account. All FreeLottoFest winners must complete the signup form which must include a valid email address, name and surname and contact number.

Step 2. Pick your online competition game. We’ve introduced four different online competition games in 2021, and new players can pick which game they’d like to play. Every game has different payout structures, winning odds and ticket price. N.B: We’ve introduced a new variety of online competitions for 2021, with bigger prizes than ever before!

Step 3. Pick your lucky numbers. Want to win the FreeLottoFest online competitions? You’ll need to match all the lucky numbers and bonus numbers to walk away with the jackpot. Aside from the jackpot, players also stand a chance at winning big tier two and tier three prizes. Winning players will receive an email notifying them of their winnings, and all payouts will automatically be deposited into their online accounts.

Step 4. Keep playing! The road to winning in online competitions can be a long one, and you probably won’t win playing for the first time. Most big online competition winners had been playing for years before they collected their big payday. Remember; we’ve included a variety of new online competitions in 2021, so keep playing and good luck!

How To Win Online Competitions In 2021

If you’re looking to claim multi-million jackpots in 2021 you’ll want to do everything in your power to get the best winning chances. Below are a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to get the best winning odds for online competitions in 2021.

Don’t use calendar dates. Winning online competitions in 2021 is all about having the right lucky numbers, so make sure you use the entire number pool. Because calendar dates only go up to 31, and most of the online competitions have a number pool up to 60, using calendar dates will effectively lower your odds of winning.

Play in a lottery syndicate for the best winning odds. A lottery syndicate lets you combine your resources with other players to play more tickets than what you could play by yourself. Lottery syndicates let you share the costs and split the winnings. At the start of 2021, we’ve decided to include multiple lottery syndicates in the online competition game selection at FreeLottoFest.

Don’t use number patterns. Studies have repeatedly shown that jackpot winning numbers are usually made up of an even spread of the entire number pool. Many players use number patterns such as all odd numbers, all even numbers and other such number patterns. To get the best possible chances based on past winning numbers always have an even spread of all the numbers from the number pool.

Play more shares or buy more tickets. It probably goes without saying; but the more tickets you play, the better your chances are of winning a prize. It’s always better to play as many tickets or shares as what you can in a single draw rather than spreading them over multiple competition draws.

Avoid past winning number combinations. Many players think that there is power in past number combinations, but research shows that when it comes to winning jackpots lightning very rarely strikes in the same place twice. When picking numbers for any online competition it is always better to stick with your own lucky numbers rather than playing past winning numbers.

Do your research. Not all online competitions are created equal, and it pays, in the end, to play with reputable online competition companies. As of 2021, FreeLottoFest has researched over 1,000 different online competitions and has found the best four that offer the biggest prizes with the best winning odds!

Study winning number statistics. If you’ve got the time and inclination to put your head down and do some studying, then you might want to study past winning numbers. Past competition-winning numbers may reveal patterns that could be useful and may give you better odds of winning a prize.

What’s new for online competitions in 2021?

Since launching some years ago FreeLottoFest has done a lot to improve our online competitions for 2021. Every year more and more online competitions are launched, meaning that competition companies need to offer players new and exciting reasons to choose them over their competitors.

The four online competition offers at FreeLottoFest have been updated in 2021, giving our players a choice of the latest and greatest online competitions in the world.

Below are some of the changes we’ve made to the online competitions in 2021.

Bigger jackpots and payouts. We’ve listened to our players and their message was clear: ‘We want bigger jackpots and payouts in 2021.” We’ve offered online competitions that include those responsible for record-breaking billion-dollar jackpots. You simply won’t find richer online competitions in 2021.

Loads of free bonuses. It’s not just the online competitions themselves that attract players, it’s also the free bonuses and other incentives that set one competition apart from others. When you register to play at FreeLottoFest you’ll also be able to claim all our 2021 free bonuses which include a free ebook and access to your own lottery odds expert.

Better winning odds than ever before. The number one complaint players have about online competitions is that they never win. FreeLottoFest competition games give the best winning odds of any other online games, with some offering as good odds as 1-in-7 of winning a prize. You just won’t find better winning odds in 2021.

Share the cost of playing with syndicates. When you play online competitions by joining a syndicate you will share the cost of playing, meaning you can play more competition entries than you could by yourself. Players at FreeLottoFest can choose to play a variety of online competition games with syndicate play.

How Can You Find The Best Online Competitions In 2021

Most players simply search online for online competitions and pick the one at the top of the search results and start playing. Is that the best way to search for online competitions? Being at the top of the search results is only one indicator of legitimate online competition, but in 2021 there are plenty of other behind-the-scenes factors that may make an online competition worthy of playing.

FreeLottoFest has researched so you don’t have to! That’s what makes FreeLottoFest so great, our team has scoured the internet and rubbed shoulders with industry insiders to bring our players the best online competitions with the biggest prizes.

At the beginning of 2021, FreeLottoFest introduced four new exciting online competitions to choose from; each game offers a different game, with each one being a little different.

One online competition has better winning odds but may have smaller payouts. While another could have a billion-dollar jackpot, but lower odds of winning. It’s all about how you choose to play!

Take a look at the online competitions at FreeLottoFest to see what each offers you so that you can find the best online competition to play in 2021.

In summary, you’ll have plenty of choices in 2021 when it comes to playing online competitions, make sure you pick the right one. In 2021 we’re giving you the chance to play for bigger payouts and jackpots, get much better winning odds and claim loads of free bonuses when you choose FreeLottoFest.

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At FreeLottoFest you’ll find a selection of the best online competitions to play from anywhere in the world. Check-in at FreeLottoFest to find a choice of different online competitions in which players can play and collect prizes from anywhere in the world. We’ve researched so you don’t have to; at FreeLottoFest you’ll find the best online competition offers on the internet. The FreeLottoFest team is determined to give you the absolute best online competition playing experience with big payouts from international games.

Finding the right online competitions is quick and easy when you decide to use the FreeLottoFest website. We have a selection of four different online competitions which offer prizes from some of the world’s most well-known lotteries including the Mega Millions and USA Powerball.

Here are some things you’ll find with the competitions at FreeLottoFest

● Big international jackpots. All of the competition games at FreeLottoFest have multi-million jackpots, along with massive tier two and tier three prizes that are up for grabs.
● Every day draws. With FreeLottoFest online competitions you’ll have a draw to play every day! Some competitions have a draw up to three days of the week, but there is always a competition for you to play no matter the day of the week.
● Great winning odds. You’ll find some of the world’s best competition-winning odds at FreeLottoFest. Some of the games will give you winning odds as good as 1-in-7 for winning a prize.
● Money-back guarantees. Certain competition games at FreeLottoFest offer you a money-back guarantee if you don’t win at least one prize. That’s right, you cannot lose!
● Plenty of free bonuses. You’ll also find plenty of free bonuses when you play any of the competitions at FreeLottoFest. You find everything from free ebooks, ticket discounts and even access to your personal competition odds expert.
● Play from anywhere in the world. At FreeLottoFest you’ll find competitions that you normally wouldn’t find in your home country. Play and win in the world’s biggest competitions no matter where you are!

This trick makes winning online competition prizes easy.

How to find the right online competition

Where you find your online competitions depend on a few factors. Are you simply using a search engine to find online competitions? Are you relying on the word of friends or family? Or maybe you’ve received an unsolicited email with a competition that looks promising? Sometimes it helps to know what to look out for when looking for the right online competitions.

When searching online to find competitions to play it helps to know a few things beforehand. If a competition website ranks on the first page of search results there could be a few factors at play.

Keyword relevance. The competition websites that appear after your search will depend on what keywords you have searched. Make sure you include factors like your country of origin, the type of competition you would like to play and how much you would like to win.

Website ranking. A website’s internal structure and link relevance will also determine if it ranks on the first page of search results. More often than not if a website is on the first page of search results it means that it has been built well and will have good link relevance.

Territory. Your search engine will automatically try and find online competitions from your home country or the nearest relevant territory. The magic of FreeLottoFest is that you can play and collect winnings in big international competition games from your home country.

NB: It’s important to note that just because a website ranks on the first page of the s =earch results it doesn’t mean that the competition is the best one suited to you.

If you want to find the right competition site you should also consider factors like the cost to play, the value of the prizes and what free bonuses and other incentives you can claim.

FreeLottoFest offers four different competition offers for players to choose from, to make sure you find exactly the right competition for you. Each of the competition offers at FreeLottoFest offers a selection of different games, various prizes, different winning odds and free bonuses on registration.

Play FreeLottoFest Online Competitions From Your Home Country

What makes FreeLottoFests great is that you do not need to live in the country of origin to win any of the competitions. Play and win in big international competitions from the comfort of your own home! Just pick which competition offer you’d like to play, register for free, complete your purchase, and wait to see if you’re a winner.

With FreeLottoFest you’ll find so much more than just your local competitions.

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the jackpot in multi-million dollar American online competitions? Well, now you have the chance at making your dreams come true by winning prizes from some of America’s leading online competition games.

With the FreeLottoFest you’ll be able to find big names like the EuroMillions, Mega Millions, USA Powerball and many other famous competitions to play online. And you’ll also have the chance to win the REAL prize values from these competitions.

What would a multi-million dollar prize in your local currency be worth? That’s right, at FreeLottoFest you’ll find competitions that will earn you an absolute fortune after being paid out into your local currency.

You’ll also find a service that is one of the safest and most secure competition websites on the internet. To protect all of our player’s private information and to make payouts as quick and effortless as possible, FreeLottoFest makes use of the latest online safety protocols to make sure that player’s private information cannot be stolen. All transactions and payouts are done through accredited and reputable banking institutions. At FreeLottoFest you’ll only find the best!

What you can use to find online competition sites

Below are a few simple tools and methods that you can use when finding the right online competition websites to play.

1. Google or other search engines. The most straightforward way to find a competition website is to use a search engine with the appropriate keywords. Some keywords and phrases you can use include, online competitions, play online competitions, win online competitions, online competitions near me.

2. Online mailers. There are plenty of mailing lists that you can join that will send you regular emails which will help you find things like shopping discounts, coupons and online competition tickets or other discounts.

3. Advertorials or referrals. Keep an eye on your favourite blogs and websites for advertorials that may promote a new online competition. Advertorials are posts used by companies to run a promotion in a blog/news type format.

4. Podcasts, blogs or Youtube videos. Another way that websites will try and promote their online competitions is through videos, blogs or podcasts. Listen or read your favourite one to find out about new and exciting competition offers.

There are many different ways that you can find out about the latest online competitions, and which are the most popular and best ones to play. Keep your eye on your favourite blogs, Youtube channels and podcasts and you could find out about a new online competition game that could win you millions!

What to look for when finding the right online competitions

Every online competition is a little different, so when you want to find the right one there are a few different factors when it comes to each. Below are some different points to keep in mind when finding an online competition you would like to play.

Jackpot and other prizes. Everyone plays online competitions to win, so the value of the prizes is a big factor when finding the right online competition to play. All of the competitions at FreeLottoFest payout from some of the world’s biggest games.

Winning odds. Each different online competition has different odds of winning, from the smallest prize up to the large jackpot. Usually the bigger the jackpot, the higher the odds of winning. Check on the winning odds before you decide to play.

Ticket prices. Ticket prices for different games will depend on factors such as the location of the game, prize values and the odds of winning the prizes. At FreeLottoFest you can sign up and play any of the online competition games for as little as $1.

Bonuses and incentives. To start apart from competitors, online competition websites will offer different bonuses and incentives to their players. When registering at FreeLottoFest you’ll get plenty of bonuses to start you off.

To summarise, FreeLottoFest is your one-stop site for online competitions where you’ll find the whole package. You’ll get to choose between multiple competitions, and claim loads of free bonuses to set you on the road to riches. Sign up at FreeLottoFest now and start playing the best online competition games on the internet!

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